Secret Feather Swirl Technique

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Nov 26, 2019
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Toronto, ON
I attempted my first secret feather swirl last night. I watched every YouTube video I could on the subject and eventually attempted the thin layer, multi colour, hard as heck version that Handmade in Florida makes look SO EASY!

I haven't done the cut yet but I know already it was a big ole failure. I couldn't figure out the right consistency for the batter that would be thick enough to maintain my layers but also thin enough to create the detail that she achieves.

Any tips from anyone that has done this technique successfully? I tried to break the fall with my teeny tiny spatula but even that didn't seem to work. I also think I overestimated how much colour versus white batter I needed (I went with 30% of batter colour)...

Any tips or tricks from you crafty and skilled folks would be appreciated! I'm determined to eventually have a successful batch (even if it takes many attempts)!