Seabuckthorn Face lotion, and Belly Butter I made last night

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Oct 25, 2011
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Two successes last night!

As always, I must credit Susan at for her tutorials and wealth of information on her site. After a few weeks of reading and researching, I felt ready to make a face cream for myself. I have acne prone skin that varies from dry in the winter to oily in the summer.

Face Lotion Attempt #1 (Yielded 16oz)
Water Phase:
48% water (aimed for 240g but ended up with 248g)
10% Aloe vera gel (50g)
20% Hydrosol (used 5% Neroli and 15% Lavender) (25g Neroli, 75g Lav)
2% Sodium Lactate (10g)
2% Hydrolyzed Oat Protein (10g)

Oils Phase:
4% Sunflower (20g)
4% Jojoba (20g)
2% Seabuckthorn (10g)
4% Emulsifier- BTMS-50 (20g)
2% Cetyl alcohol (aimed for 8g, got 9g)

Cool Phase:
2% Panthenol (10g)
0.5% Liquid Germall Plus (rounded up to 3g)
0.5% Chamomile Extract (used approx 25% of a 10g package, about a teaspoon)
0.5% Honeysuckle Extract, same deal as above. Both diluted in a reserved bit of the heated water phase, once cooled, added the preservative to this, and then into the cool phase.

This lotion needs a pump bottle, won't pour out well. It's a pale yellow, smells like honey. Feels silky smooth, not greasy at all. I put it on last night and didn't wake up oily which I usually do if I use night cream. I had extra so I put it on as a body moisturizer this morning- really really lovely. Now the test of time, and hope it doesn't break me out (despite being all non-comedogenic oils I'm paranoid).

Belly butter for my BFF - Attempt #1

Water Phase:
60% Water (130g water, 50g Lavender Hydrosol)
2% Glycerin (6g)

Oil Phase:
4% Hazelnut (12g)
4% Rice Bran (12g)
2% Avocado (6g)
10% Shea Butter (30g)
5% Cocoa Butter (15g)
6% BTMS-50 (18g)
3% Cetyl Alcohol (9g)

Cool Phase:
0.5% Liquid Germall Plus (2g, rounded up)
1% Lavender Essential Oil (about 60 drops)

Rich, creamy, lovely. I divided into two jars and gave one to a friend at work who is 3 months, and will give the other to my bestie who is about 4 months along. It smells great, not strong. Very thick but melts into skin. I used the BTMS-50 as an emulsifier since I figured everything else in it was so greasy, no need to make it feel more waxy if I could avoid it.

Here's a pic of everything cooling:

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Re: Seabuckthorn Face lotion, and Belly Butter I made last n

thanks for sharing the recipes!

I used Lavender Hydrosol in a lotion I made lately, thinking the smell of it would mellow after being heated... NOPE! blah!!! I can't stand the smell of that stuff. I had even added lavender and clary sage eo (trying to duplicate the scent of my favorite commercial lotion) and it did nothing to cover it up. Smells kinda alcohol-ish to me.

How nice of you to make a butter for your friends! I bet they'll love that.
Tasha- I agree with you about the scent of lavender hydrosol!! It smells icky to me as well. But the scent of the seabuckthorn, chamomile and honeysuckle definitely overpowered it. I suppose you could skip the hydrosol altogether if you were worried. Or maybe sub rosemary or rose? I might try rose next :)

Now been using it for two days and still loving it... I am keeping a smaller bottle in my purse (disc cap, not the easiest to get out of the bottle this way) and using it on my hands- it's not quite thick enough to be a hand cream, BUT at least this way I don't have to worry about touching my face which I tend to do all day... haha