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Dec 8, 2017
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Wondering if anyone would care to share a good way to scent liquid soap from paste?
I never dilute and scent an entire batch of ls paste at once, hence I never know exactly how much scent to add and just kind of wing it pouring in the EOs.

Anybody else had this problem? Annoying, isn't it?
How much EOs do you guys add per half-gallon jar of diluted liquid soap?

If I use math then the batch I made this morning from 75 oz coconut oil will supposedly yield 140.53oz of paste which when diluted with 250% with water should make 21.96 lbs of liquid soap, and if I'm scenting based on ppo then (4.7 lbs oil)(0.5 oz EOs) = 2.35 oz EOs per batch, but how many gallons does 21.96 lbs of liquid soap make?
My last batch of this type of soap weighs 137.8 oz per gallon, so the 21.96 lbs from this batch should only make 2.56 gallons of liquid soap, requiring 0.92 oz EOs per gallon. Hmmm...

I think my batch from 75 oz coconut will make more than the lye calc estimated bc the lye calc did not take into consideration the specific gravity of the glycerin I used instead of water, which was 1.26, or 26% heavier (than water).

I kinda want to sell some of this soap but I don't even know how much soap I'm really going to get from a batch.
SoapMaker 3 says my material costs are $41.22 including the 75 oz of coconut oil and the lye plus 2.35 oz of EOs and 45oz of glycerin but not the distilled water i'll need to dilute the paste with. The accounting for cost of goods sold on this soap thing is wicked.
Somehow $41.22 for 2.56 gallons of soap doesn't sound right to me n I thought I was making it cheaper....

Does that sound about right to you guys? 75 oz of coconut oil only makes 2.56 gallons of soap, which I should scent at about 0.92 oz EOs per gallon of ls?
How do you guys measure your scent for soap from paste?
Sorry, I always base mine on the final diluted weight, not the paste weight.

Also, I make sure I'm within safe usage rates for the combination of EOs used, as many are not skin-safe, and some combinations can't be used at higher rates, as well. is a great way to check the most commonly-used EOs, either as singles or as blends.
I scent based on the final diluted weight as well. I stick to weight-based percentages and I weigh in grams. These two decisions make the calculations far more straightforward than using X oz fragrance per pound of oils or using imperial units of pounds, gallons, ounces or whatever. If I wanted to use a volume basis, I'd use milliliters or liters.

If I only dilute part of the batch, it's not a big deal. Dilute to suit my needs, weigh the total in grams, calculate fragrance as a % of that total, weigh the fragrance, and mix it in.

If you always dilute the soap paste by a specific ratio of water, then it's no big deal to set up a proportion problem to calculate the amount of fragrance by weight based on the weight of the paste and the ratio of dilution.

Don't make it harder than necessary.
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Ali, you said I have Tisserand's book on EO Safety in this room as I type in a box somewhere. Thank you. That is SO cool. I will do that from now on. Didn't know there was such a tool...

DeeAnn, I also am a big believer in only using weight-based percentages, and I wish my expensive Escali scale would do grams, but it doesn't, altho it will read out in kilograms but i'd have to move the decimal places in my head on the fly & dont want to have to do that. It's like the scale manufacturer doesn't want us weighing out drugs or smthng on their scales, i dunno, but it's super annoying as I'd prefer to use grams as well. Otherwise I love this scale, ArtisanShelly recommended I buy it, it can weigh all the oils in the pot up to like like 40 or 50 lbs in ounces to two decimal places, which is accurate enough for soapmaking imho so i don't have to use metric mode that only reads in kilos, but you're certainly right. A readout either grams, or in ounces w/ one dang more decimal place would've been lovely yesterday morning when i whooped this up, but when I contemplated the materiality of the decimal place i figured it wouldn't affect my sf %.

but my math btw just a little off yest....
...bc 75 oz coconut w 45 oz glycerin made 151 oz of paste i think that can be diluted 250% w/ distilled water so math says I actually get 3.84 liquid gallons from that batch bc (151oz paste)(250% water)=528.5oz diluted liquid soap, & since a gallon of this soap from my last batch weighs 137.8oz then math says i must only get 3.84 liquid gallons from this batch, which sounds low to me bc when i looked into that pot this morning n saw all that paste i can't believe it only makes 3.84 gallons.
I would've guessed more like closer to ten gallons probably but i'm an idiot and can't figure a problem w/ above math so, um, if the whole batch needs 2.35oz EOs then that's 0.6oz EOs per gallon, & 0.3oz per half gallon mason jar, which sounds closer to right.
Thanks for talking me thru that ya'll.
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