Sassafras Soap recipe idea

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Nov 28, 2007
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Sassafras Soap recipe idea

I've collected a wonderful batch of sassafras roots and made some really nice tea. I want to make sassafras soap, looking for ingredient ideas.
The color of the Sassafras Tea is a really nice reddish brown. The Odor is very strong; I'm hoping it will come through the Sap process. Going to try it tomorrow.

I'm thinking something simple like;

Olive oil
Coconut oil
Soybean oil
Some SA for hardness
Castor oil at trace

What do yaw think?

Sassafras Root bark , nice color and wonderful aroma


Batch in Mold, reliquefied and changed color but still retains some aroma, and color isnt to bad. My makeshift varifit mold. I'll post the cut bars tomorrow.


An unexpected benifit occured durring the SAP process. The soap marblized with wonderful shades of brown. The soap did not however retain the aroma atleast not at this stage.

Cut bars:

Singles, trimed and beveled, I could not have gotten this great color if I had tried.


Same image cloned into a photo of my backyard:

Neil, that is some awesome looking soap. Do another batch and see what coloring you get. You may be on to something.
Your soap is beautiful. I bet even though you said the scent did not stay that it still smells wonderful. I bet it has a wonderful clean scent to it.
That is a gorgeous bar of soap :D ! You may really be onto something indeed. I reminds me of piece of woodwork. You know the when the wood has all those interesting lines in it (caused by a fungus, I know, but turns out some really beautiful things - done right) I'm sure Paul knows what I'm talking about.

Anyway... Great looking soap.
Lovely earthy soap Niel. Perhaps you can try infusing one of the oils with the sassafras before you add it to the soap. The smell may get stronger. There are a few ways to infuse oils, depends on how long you want to wait.
Since I have never made CP soap I don't know how this would change the process but , I thought I would just toss the idea out there. :oops:

I Used the Tea instead of water. The Tea I made is really strong as a test
to see what would happen. On my second batch it was still strong than you would drink but much less than the first try.