Sandalwood FO........I need one!!!

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Jul 30, 2008
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Krotz Springs, LA
Hey guys! Where can I get a truly awesome Sandalwood FO? One that actually stays like sandalwood should be instead of turning to something powdery smelling once it's been soaped??

Thanks much!!

edited to add: and I'd like this to be for cp soap!
Peak's has a really good one... I have a few sample pieces I CP'd about 2 months ago if ya want me to send you a little piece so you can smell it?

Pm me if you'd like :wink:
Thanks Lane!! I'm definately going to check them out!! A good sandalwood is soooo hard to find. It's one of those delicate fragrances that dont like staying put.

Thanks again!!
sandalwood f/o

i have sweetcakes-sensuous sandalwood waiting for me at home. i like this company as they're stuff is really concentrated! .75-1 oz ppo. will let you know how it turns out.

the lime i use is theirs also--juicy lime. they've got a good website and they really take pains to explain how they stand up to c/p.

happy soaping!

I found a GREAT sandalwood soap at the farmer's market.. but she won't tell me the secret!

It's a really long lasting sandalwood/spice/cinnamon scent.. it's lov-er-ly!! :D
I love the smell of egyptian sandalwood; I got it from an ebay seller. But, I got a 1-oz bottle; I was experimenting with different scents. I'll check to see if she sells higher oz bottles.
I like brambleberry's Indian Sandalwood. The Cybilla Sandalwood hardly has a smell in cp, but the Indian Sandalwood is very true to real Sandalwood.

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