Salt Soap SNAFU - too much oil/too little lye

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Jul 24, 2014
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Encinitas, CA
Hey all,

I wanted to make several salt soap batches at once, w/different salt amts, so that once they were finally cured I could see which I preferred. Formula was 75% CO/10% lard/10% SAO/5% castor, 15% SF (but see below).

So "masterbatched" enough oils for three batches, poured the last today. I had mixed up some extra of the oil mix to account for pouring b/w containers, and forgot to actually weigh that last batch (just spaced out on the fact that I had made extra) and put in the lye amt required for the batch w/o the extra oil. It was supposed to be 20 oz of oils, w/a 15% sf, plus it had full cm added (CM powder in aloe using split method).

It probably ended up at about 23 oz of oils, w/the amt of lye meant for 20, and a superfat of 15% + added to by that in the full CM + the extra from the lye miscalculation, who knows what the final SF will be.

I realized something was wrong when the batter was super fluid for a salt bar, even after adding 30% salt. I stuck it in the oven to CPOP anyway, and - have taken it out now - can already see a little oil sitting on some of the edges.

I am not afraid of it burning anyone's skin off, since there is not *enough* lye, but is it likely to saponify/cure ok, or should I just forget it? Sucks b/c even if so, it will not be a good comparison candidate, I still have to do the 30% salt batch again, but don't want to chuck it if it can be used.
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That should be fine IMO. Its only going to be a little more superfatted. If you say it had the full 3 oz more of oil, it would have 15% more oil in it than it should have. I did it by thinking 3/20 x 100= 15

Who knows, it could end up being an amaaazing bar!

I make these. I was told to add up to 75 percent salt . to a good and tried recipe.

I have with my first batch stuck in an oval mold. scraped it out re batch and cream it added 16 oz of water to this batch and creamed it again with hand mixer. I also added 12 more oz of salt to this batch and all went well..

I think you will be fine.. tongue test it and soap it up
Thanks, guys. It ended up (I think) being OK. It took a much longer time to harden than the others - probably about 6 hrs v. one or two. And when I cut, there was a little bit of a weird smell, and some discoloration in the white part, which might have been an issue w/the TD. Both the funky smell and discoloration have mostly faded, so I am thinking this will be a good soap after all. I can't wait until 3 months is up (I know, Shunt, more would be better, but I might not be able to restrain myself) and I can start showering with these!