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Oct 28, 2013
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I followed a recipe to add soap to middle of soap. it all turnwed out beautifully but the part wher the salt was has now caused the soap on either side not to meld together. the salt is wet as well. how can I fix this? can I make a small batch of soap and pour it between the other two layers and will it meld together??? HELP its so pretty but almost ruined now....

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Trying to stick it back together with raw soap is a clever idea. If you can get the soap back snugly enough into the mold, it shouldn't leak between the bars too much. I'd pour at pretty thick trace if you try this and then gel the entire loaf.

If you have some M&P base, that might work as well to glue the pieces back together.

Sorry for your mishap. It's always frustrating when a pretty soap goes awry.
I've never tried a pencil line with salt but I think it may have been too much salt which caused the separation. If your retry doesn't work try using less salt. I've seen a picture of a mica pencil line that separated the soap and it was much thinner than your salt.

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