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has anyone noticed spots or discoloration with salt bars? I have these specs in some of the salt bars that are brownish
I have heard that people love salt bars and I'm considering trying. Running the recipe through soapcalc, I see they are very high cleansing and low conditioning. Is there a way to see how the superfat at 20% impacts this? Also, what are the overall advantages of salt bars to the skin? Just trying to understand this intriquing bar! : )
The calculator numbers don't really work with these because the they are such outliers. The superfat at 20% basically balances out the stripping effect of all the CO. I don't know if salt bars are great for the skin per se, I think people like them for the lather and maybe the exfoliation? Personally I prefer brine bars, aka soleseife if you are googling (less salt, lower CO and lower SF). I think it is a very individual thing.
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