Saccharide Isomerate (aka Pentavitin)

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Jan 12, 2021
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Tennessee, USA
Has anyone tried saccharide isomerate in their skincare or lotions? I’m reading a little about it and it sounds intriguing. Like the next generation of hyaluronic acid (which I just recently bought but haven’t tried yet).
After reading your post, I looked it up. This article was posted on the National Institute of Health website. The study seems well done and they found it very beneficial for dandruff, so you may be on to something! Have you tried anything with squalene? I just started using it in my creams based on a couple of articles that I read...

Saccharide isomerate ameliorates cosmetic scalp conditions in a Chinese study population​

Emmanuel Martin, MS, 1 Anson Zhang, MS, 2 and Remo Campiche, PhD
corresponding author

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