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Dec 21, 2006
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Because I needed to get a kumquat fo for a cutsom order I htought I would try a new supplier & bought a few more samples:

da Limein da Coconut
Pineappple Cilantro
Ruby Red Grapefruit
AmazonMist (Herbal Essence type)
Whisper (Herbal Essenec Type)

Feelin' fruit I guess!
I've always been pleased with the products I have ordered from them.
da Limein da Coconut -better than my stock tart coconut & lime
Pineappple Cilantro - fun & a bit edgy, first you smell the pineapple, then you say, what's that exotic after smell?
Kumquat -really nice & strong, sour & sweet
Ruby Red Grapefruit - really nice & strong
AmazonMist (Herbal Essence type) - smells just like the shampoo
Whisper (Herbal Essenec Type) -smellslike shampoo but I like amazon better

Disclaimer: These are just MY OOB first impressions. You may or may not love any or all of these scents.
thanks for the reviews, I wanted to try their FO sometime too :)
I have to say I am very impressed with your self control :shock: when I go to look at their site, I get so overwhelmed with the choices that I just want to buy EVERYTHING!
Grumpy, I only ever spend as much as I have in paypal AFTER I have restocked supplies I have run out of.