Rule #17: Flouncing and "swan songs"

Discussion in 'SMF Announcements, Comments, Help & Rules' started by Angie, Mar 23, 2020 at 9:02 PM.

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    Ladies and any Gentlemen here.

    If you don't like a post or think it breaks a rule, please report it and it probably will be worked on and probably deleted. I say probably as not everything reported needs to be deleted.

    Also, if you want to discuss it, choose one or all of the forum "staff" and send a message about it. That will get more results than posting why you are leaving and getting the ones that agree with you to agree; and the ones that disagree with you to disagree and cause more issues.

    We hope all will find good information here for their soaping. It is a very careful forum to keep people from hurting themselves and their soap users. It is also careful due to rules in various countries. This is an international forum and European rules are more strict than USA rules.

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