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Sep 29, 2015
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Rosemary and roast lamb ( sorry, couldn't resist the comment). :D:D:D
Add a healthy amount of garlic (via the American Garlic Lover's standards or a little bit less) that that's my meal! I tend to use Herbs du Provence though (it has rosemary in the blend).

I support this! Rosemary Mint is Aveda's most popular scent! I've seen some people dupe it with equal parts rosemary and peppermint essential oils. Best of luck!
That's my favorite scent but I can't use their line. Good to know about the blend. I might start playing around.

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Sep 6, 2020
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Have you tried blending Rosemary with apple?

The sweetness of the apple really tones down the medicinal scent of Rosemary and the Rosemary makes the apple fragrance less sweet, while giving it an edge. The combination makes a fantastic marriage between the two and sort of mellows out the two ends of the notes in each scent that can be a bit overwhelming for a lot of people.

I have used this mix on and off since 2004, when a chain of hobbystores in Norway FINALLY started to carry a few M&P fragrances (I made M&P embeds), and apple was one of them.

(along with a nosehair melting, instant headache ones, especially a "Lilac" that didn`t smell like Lilac, but rather like a tupperware container that had been left on the stove and melted into a grey blob of glue-like mass, giving off fumes)

Mmmm, asthmatic bliss in a bottle...

Anyway, I already had Rosemary so I sniffed the corks of the oils i had and found that rosemary and apple were the best match. I mixed equal parts of essential oil and the apple fragrance and got hooked. I have obviously found much better apple fragrance now (I use the Apple fragrance from Nurture)

You can also mix it with Lime (I do a 50/50 with distilled lime and french rosemary, but you can decrease or increase whatever note you prefer)

I actually found a 2 year old bar the other day, it was Rosemary Lime, and it smelled so fresh I could not believe that it lasted this long. It was fresh, not sweet, and clean, but not "febreeze" clean, but mellow citrus clean. A type of scent I can imagine you could find at a spa. AI just wanted to rest my nose into it for a long time.