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May 3, 2008
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South Riding, VA
Hi All,

I made my SECOND batch ever yesterday and will be taking it out of the mold later today. Will post pics when I get them. Next weekend, I'm trying my first coloring/swirling...nervous...!

I am so obsessed. I need more money to keep up with this new addiction.

Anyway, can someone tell me what "ricing" is? I've read that word in a couple places usually along with "seizing". Anyone?

Back at ya Dragon! She's "OK". Alive...in a nursing/rehab. She hates it. She can't really talk, right side is paralized. But I believe her stubborness will pull her threw! lol!

How's the CP soaping comming along? How many batches are ya up to? And the MP? I have to make some Paw Prints (MP) before this weekend. Haven't made ANY soap in over a month now.....I'm just dying to play with some lye!
You just need to wear your GOGGLES LYE EYE!!!

I have made about 6 different batches. I am out of lye right now and I need to order some coconut oil. But Paul is bringing some lye to TN this weekend so I am happy bout that!

Glad to hear your sis is ok. I know what she is going thru, I took care of my grandma after her stroke, they get so aggrevated that they cannot speak. I am sure I would go nuts if I couldn't tell everyone to "shut up" :twisted:

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