Rice Milk for Whiter Soap?

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Mar 25, 2023
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Does anyone here use rice milk to produce a more white soap used (substituted for 100% of water)?

I read a post on Facebook of a person doing this but wondered if anyone here has had success.

The example I read about showed them using one cup of jasmine rice to 3 cups of water. She left the rice in hot water for a few hours, then moved the mixture to a blender. Then strained the pulverized mixture through cheese cloth, etc to remove large particles.

If it works for you, can you share your experience and suggestions?

Thank you.

There are a few of us here who use rice milk (and rice) in our soaps.

I can't say that it's whiter than any of my other soaps, though.
This is good to know, I use rice water for my hair with lemon, so I have loads of it. I didn't know you could use this. I am new to this and only use MP and want to know about the others CP and havnt used Lye yet either. I used Goats milk as a base recently and I have sold 1 soap lol. My best results were with glycerine but when adding Shea butter I felt the soaps where a bit greasy but as I set I am beginner and would love some help. This forum is not the easiest either for posting ❤️