Replacing water with glycerin in bar soap

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Apr 21, 2015
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Hi guys,

I saw a video in youtube that replaces water with glycerin in making liquid soap. Here is the link of the video.

I am wondering if I can substitute all the water with glycerin when making bar soap? Is there any harmful effect to the skin?

Thanks in advance
I would not advise it, but I have been known to be wrong. It will most likely make a soft sweaty soap. As an experiment I tried just glycerin to make a transparent soap by hp method. The results were a soft bar that sweated and melted. It was 75% of the oil weight which is more than a water replacement would be, but I am betting it would not be a nice soap and a waste of good glycerin. You could try a small batch and see what happens
I cannot imagine it would work. Accurately created bar soap produces it's own glycerine. What would be the point?
I was thinking adding glycerin helps to increase the benefits of the soap
Glycerin to replace water gives you a mushy bar that sweats and melts super fast.(Yes, I tried it.) It does not yield any good results.

You really don't need to add glycerin, glycerin is produced during saponification. Glycerin is useful in liquid soap making to speed trace.

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