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Relocation Sale - For Lagos, Nigeria Members

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May 1, 2017
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Alberta, Canada
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Hello All,

I will be relocating and while I will be able to relocate with my fragrance oils, I have some soaping oils that are for sale and some half used oils that are still good. I buy my oils from the US and the UK with the exception of PKO and Shea butter which I buy locally. I will be selling them at cost price but do bear in mind that i paid anything between $7-$10 per lb for shipping on these items and they are bulky so you are definitely getting a discount.

They are still within the use by date except the coconut which expired this year... Joy of buying abroad. I bought 2 cases last year and they sent me Coconut oil that would expire within 6 month.... so here goes guys.... All payments can be made at pick up and transfers only please, no cash. Exchange rate to dollars is N360 to a $

Tallow (soapkitchen) 25kg. $50
I bought 50kg last year and have used half of it. I have it in a container but you will need a car.


Coconut Oil 96oz (A little over 3kg) $10
I have 10 left. if you want all 10 I am happy to give you a discount on this. Expiry date was April, 2019


Rice bran oil 1 gallon (Almost 4L) $10
I cook and soap with this. I also love it in body oil, cream and whipped butter. I have 5 gallons left. I will give you a discount if you want all 5.


I have half used oils that i am happy to include in the package. I have some Fragrance oils from Essentials by Catalina that I will be including in all sales free of charge so hurry while supplies last. Plus you get free soaps too :D:D:D:D As if.....

Kindly send me PMs if you would like to get in on this!