Recv'd my tog mold today.....

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Nov 27, 2007
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AND TOOK THE DAY OFF TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Paul, the craftsmanship on these molds is impeccable!!! Thank you, thank you!!! Can't wait for tomorrow a.m. :wink: kel
Can't think of a better reason to miss work other than making some good home made soap in a new mold! I'm tickled you are liking it so well. :wink: We must see those bars when un-molded, OK! :wink: 8)

Paul :)
Definitely.....I will take pics of the whole process. I am a bit rusty since I haven't made any soap since Dec. I know, I can that be? lol. So, I am making a simple soap. The hard part, is actually using the is a work of art itself and I just keep admiring them. Again, I know USE THEM!!!!! k
Gallery Girl I keep thinking the same thing, I just hate to mess up this beautiful mold and get soap all over it.. :lol: But I am going to make my first batch in my new TOG mold tonight. Can't wait.
It's OK ladies, mess em up! :D :lol: They were made to get "down and dirty" so you could turn out your beautiful soaps! :wink:

Paul :wink:
Someday, Paul, I'll have to get one....

I'm so bummed now, 'cause all I have is this 3 part utencil tray to use, each section holds 1 1/2 to 2lb. recipes. I currently haven't gone to 2lbs. of oils, only 24oz. I want to someday soon get a log mold that I can actually fill deeper so I can cut the soaps (how do I say this...) depth wise instead of length wise. Does that make any sense? Like now when I cut them every 2 inches, the top of the soap is the "wide side" of my soap.

I just personally think soaps are more attractive if cut "the other way".

When I get some bucks I'll hit you up for one of these fantastic molds I keep hearing about!

LYE EYE! :shock: (dubbed by dragonflyprincess!)
I'll still be making them when you are ready, Sharon! :) :wink:

I am introducing yet another new design at my Etsy site by this coming Saturday and a log splitter too for this design. Everyone keep your eyes open...... NO LYE! :p :lol: :lol:

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