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Feb 20, 2023
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Alberta Canada
Just wondering everyone thought on these two recipe . And if there is better tweaks that are still low cost.

Olive oil promace - 50%
Coconut oil - 34%
Shea Butter - 10 %
Castor - 6 %

5 % super fat
33% lye concentration

I would like to have a recipe that I can switch out the Avocado oil with Hemp Oil. And change out the shea butter with Cocoa Butter & Mango Butter. I just want to a good balanced soap .

Olive oil promace - 45 %
Coconut oil - 34 %
Shea butter - 10 %
Avocado Oil - 6 %
Castor oil - 5 %

5% superfat
33% lye concentration

Thanks for everyone times . Looking forward hearing everyone thoughts . :)
Jan 4, 2015
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NW Pennsylvania
Your coconut oil % is very high for my skin. I use at 15% max, though 20% max is typically recommended. You will find some who are ok with it, but most find it far too stripping.

Are you averse to animal fats? Lard is the lowest cost oil for me, by a lot. It is half the cost per ounce of my next chrapest. It makes a lovely creamy lather and a hard, white bar. I use it at 50% in most recipes.