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May 26, 2020
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Rockaway Beach, NY
Hello All,
I am pretty new to soaping and have only used a recipe passed down from a friend that I love. Her only stipulation is that I can never sell the soaps I make with it. I would eventually like to get to a point to sell (not a full on business more for fun and recoup loses) Im just at a loss of where to start. I intend on replacing the water with ocean water as I am by a beach. Being palm/vegan would be awesome too but that is a whole rabbit hole that took me forever to climb out of. I would like to change out oils/butters but keep the bar at its cleansing/creamy/hydrating/latheryness. Below is the recipe. Any help would be amazing, I tend to get overwhelmed easily. Ive looked into it before and today after 4.5 hours researching and experimenting on soapcalc I fried my brain. Thank you.

Olive O- 16 oz 44.5%
Palm O- 9oz 25%
CocoO- 7 oz 19.5%
Castor- 3oz 8.5%
Shea butt- 1 oz 3%
Essential O- 1.5 oz
Water 10 oz
Lye 5 oz