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Mar 20, 2007
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I'm new to CP soap making and have made about 8 batches of soap. Honestly, I pick out some oils I want to use, plug them into a lye calculator and go from there. (oils and fats based on info from books and net) I don't understand % of water etc and all the math that goes into it. Luckily so far so good. Here's my question: everything I've made has a warm gold color to it (I use OO, PO, CO and crisco as my primary base oils) How can I make a nice white bar that still has lots of conditioning? What percentages etc. Thanks so much!
I believe that 100% CO eill give you a nice white bar. What kind of OO are you using? I find that when I use EVOO, my soaps tend to have a greenish tinge to them. Perhaps you could try a 100% CO 20% superfat. A lot of people seem to like the qualities of that. HTH

ETA: I've also read that OO or EVOO will cure out to white given enough time.
Make a soap that's mostly white oils. I used to make one that was just Coconut Oil, a LOT of Palm Oil and a tiny amount of Castor Oil. Use a calculator to determine the exact amount of oils, water and lye.
I second what everyone has said.

I do the 100% CO soap quite often as it's pretty popular with some of my family, and it always comes out pure white (even though the oil itself has a yellowish tinge to it right out of the container).

I've done 100% OO using Grade A OO and it came out fairly white. It's not as stark white as my CO bars, but it's pretty darn close.

If you are not averse to using animal fats, tallow and lard make for a very white bar, too.

All of your oils that you mention using in your recipe look perfect to me for making a white bar, with the exception of the OO maybe- it all depends on how much and what kind of OO you are using.

Also, a good thing to keep in mind is that some fragrances can turn your soap different colors. I would check out the ScentReviewBoard to see if maybe your fragrace oil/s might be contributing to turning your soap a warm gold color.

IrishLass :)
I believe that 100% CO eill give you a nice white bar.
It will if you don't superfat, or maybe if you superfat only a small amount like 5% or less. But if you superfat 15% or more it will be an off-white color. Mine was anyways.

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