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Oct 8, 2007
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Hi there!

I made Unscented Goat Milk CP Soap two days ago. I rebatched some of it today with my additives.

I heard that if you rebatch soap even if freshly made you can use it right away.

Does anyone know if this is true? It is only 2 days old.


ive wondered about that myself
My thoughts are that I would almost be hot processing in that heat will drive saponification to completion but it would still have a lot of water to dry out from so the bars would be soft . we just rebached some yesterday Ill take a chunk and see what happens its only a few days old
Thank you for your comment.

I tried mine again today and it does not burn at all. And in fact the rebatched bars are harder than the bars I did not rebatch.

I would be so excited if I could just rebatch my bars and have them ready right away! :p
I rebatch soap all the time but I only use them for myself right away. To sell I wait three weeks.
Okay so not many responses but does anyone have experience with PH meter testers? Where can one be bought?

Does anyone test their soap by tasting it like our grammies use too? :roll:
yes you can use it right away because it is like hot process then.
Thank you for your response. We have tested the Ph and it is reading as safe. We have also been testing it on ourselves and other family members and it feels wonderful!