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Aug 13, 2014
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Vacaville, Ca
If i made a mistake on pumpkin soap, and added double the pumpkin puree that i was supposed to, can i grate it down & melt and add to fresh soap batter? Has anyone attempted this?

I know I've seen it mentioned using soap shavings as confetti in a fresh batch of soap but can i melt those shavings and add to raw batter?
I know i could leave the batch as is and give it a long cure, but its pretty ugly and I'd like to reuse in a new creation if possible.
The Ugly Pumpkin

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I also agree that it does not look ugly, just a pumpkin soap. It will cure out over time. If you truly want to rebatch it your best bet is to confetti it. You are going to have to add in even more liquid to make it smooth enough to blend well in a new batch of batter. A couple of month ago I had to do this with a camel milk soap I made after forgetting to add in the extra lye I needed for my added citric acid, resulting in a very high superfatted soap. It came out lovely, even though I am not fond of confetti soap, and many complemented me on the look. It is black confetti in a white soap

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