Reason home made soaps don't last as long

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Aug 5, 2014
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People like them more - thus - they use it "more". Using a boring same old mass produced product may not be as "inviting" as a more unique bar that has a great scent and maybe an exfoliant.

If the soap has an exfoliant vs one that doesn't then the one with the exfoliant may be used more than one without which may be used with a wash cloth or other scrubbie.

If you had a cookout with one table that had a microwave and a tray of Fast Food Cheeseburgers vs a table with fresh angus ground beef, a grill, freshly made condiments & toppings, etc - which line would have more people. Would people eat more, by weight, of the fresh burgers vs the microwaved burgers?

There may be issues with the hardness of the bar which effect how long the bar lasts so by including the issues above, achieving a solid/hard bar might be of more importance than has been noted before.

What do you all think?
Nov 19, 2013
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I think that commercial soaps are often triple milled, which helps a great deal. If you made a wee milling set up and turned some of your soap in to noodles and went through the milling process, I think your bars would last longer. But then they aren't hand made any more.

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