RE: Wanted (group buy??) Sisal soap bags & squeezable "lotion" tubes


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May 7, 2015
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I was just looking at this thread and wanted to add my two cents. When I was doing my grand purge, I found some muslin that I forgot I had. I'm using some of it as a background for photographing my soap. However, I was thinking of making soap bags with the rest of it. If they turn out halfway decent, I may do that as a packaging option for my soaps. Muslin is one of the cheaper fabrics out there and if you catch it on sale, yay! There are various grades of muslin, too, from high thread count to not-so-much, fine threads to thicker threads. It's a very versatile fabric. You can get burlap, too (which isn't that far off from sisal, I don't think). There are different varieties of burlap, as well.

When I've looked at the various soap bags available for sale, I've often thought there's nothing to them and that I can make them. They don't have gussets. (I could do it even if they did, but it would be a bit more detailed and take more fabric.) They're just a piece of fabric folded over and sewn on each side with an open hem for cording to be pulled through. Most of them are not sewn into a tube. If you look closely at them, the seam stops at the hemline. The hem is folded over, sewn and the cording or ribbon pulled through and knotted. Some add beads.

So, if you are handy with a sewing machine or a needle and thread, you can make your own bags. They'll last longer than any purchased bags. You can add them to your list of products: you can sell the bags as soap savers/scrubbies. You can use them for packaging. Or you can use them as a selling point, bagged (i.e. scrubby) soap at one price and naked soap at another. You can fill them with odds-n-ends and sell them that way, too.

Can't help you with the tubes, though. I didn't find any of those during the great purge. :wink: :lol: