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If somebody could reply in the next hour, that'd be great. I'm on a soapmaking kick.

I make Lemon Ginger with green pigment, but I'm all out. I;ve read about using herbs like parsley for green coloring. First has anybody done this before? What was your experience like? I've used dried rosemary in soap before with no EO and it smelled like meat, will parsley do that? Could I sub. powdered comfery?

sorry i can't help much. i have never had much luck with natural things keeping their color in soap. so i don't use them.

do you have any yllw and blue oxides ? mix them for green. even blue oxide with beta carotene capsules or some carrot juice would work.
I am all out of everything but ultramarine pink. Got gobs of that. I am trying to transition from pigments to herbs, but I just looked and we don't even have any parsely. We buy herbs in bulk and since we've been making cheese, I guess we used it all up. Thanks anyway.
I've used parsley, it does not smell like meat... I don't know about losing color though... I have a batch that is a few months old and is still green.. but I keep it out of the light...
Thanks. What ratio do you use? I make a six pound batch. I looked online at some soaps that were swirled-ish with parsely that looked great. Do you powder it?

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