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Nov 23, 2007
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Raleigh, NC
Hi there,

My CPOP soaps are about a week old, I am wondering that when should I do the zap/ tongue test? Can I do it now or I need to wait for 4 weeks? And how? Do I just cut a small piece of soap and put it on my tongue? Or mix with the water, and test the soap water?

Bah just take a huge bite out of it, and munch on it for awhile.

Ok on a serious note, after 4 days it should have already gone through the process and now your soaps should be just 'drying out' evaporating the liquid that was put in them.

But if you want to just dab your tonuge on a little bit of the soap.
Just did the test, first, I don't feel any zap, then after maybe 10 seconds, I started to feel zap, is that mean my soaps are no good?
If the soap didn't zap you technically you could use the soap. (i know I have without ill problems) but it will be a bit softer since it hasn't had the time to evaporate all the liquid out yet.

I could be wrong so correct me if I am. But I have done this myself LOL but I didn't do the tongue test, I just waited about 3 days..... :shock:
Ok, I just tested the soaps I bought from the other soapers, first I thought my soaps zapped me, but I think it is not "Zap", just the soap taste.

Silly me.

I am going to try a small piece of soap tonight. :lol:
Let us know how it goes !!!!!

yeah soap doesn't taste very good either, and it should given some of the fruity scents.... :shock:

I made my first batch of RTCP soap today, and it didn't gel and I'm super excited about it........ IF i did it right, it went so much smoother and easier than regular CP method.
yes I did premix the lye with my liquid which was aloe juice and let it cool to room temp. A couple of hours later I came back to use it. I have kiddies around so I put it in a 16 ounce Ball Plastic Freezer Jar and then screwed on the lid and wrapped electrical tape around the lid and put it on top of the fridge.

When it was cool, I weighed my oils out and put them into my pot. And used my hand blender to blend them. Sorta like creaming the sugar and butter when you bake cookies. Till it's a nice creamy mixture.

Then the other portion of my liquids was heavy cream, so I warmed that up just a tish in the microwave. So it was just a hair warmer than room temp. I nuked it at 50% power for about 45 sec give or take..... And poured that it into my pot with my oils and blended it up.

Then I slowly poured in my lye/aloe juice mixture and used the end of the hand blender (without power) to mix it up a bit just by hand. Then I used the hand blender to blend it up until it was a nice custard like consistency. I added my fragrance oils and took of the end of my hand blender and added the whisk attachment and used that to blend in my fragrance oils that were pre-measured ready to go. And I whisked it for a minute or two. And poured it into my mold.

And it's a couple hours later now and it still looks great. Can't wait !!!!

I don't know if this is the right way or not but I did some research using google and this is sorta what I came up with on one web site.
Everytime I try to make CP at lower temps, it never seems to come out right... :(

I think I just might have to try this out... Let us know how it unmolds!
Actually it's so much easier than CP

just weigh your oils (all at room temp) in your pot like you usually do, and don't heat, just use your hand blender to whip them up and cream them.

Add liquids, (all at room temp) and keep beating with your handblender.

Add Fragrance, and continue to beat with hand blender and pour into mold.

I used a 3x12 inch log mold and had a bit left over to pour into smaller 2oz sized molds. I like the smaller molds to give as gifts to family and friends and as well as to my other ebay customers as a free gift with purchase of my other items. So my batch recipe is for 38 ounces of oils.
Whoops MY BAD......

Yes I do mean a stick blender, not a mixer that you hold by the hand. But a stick blender.

And it doesn't gel?? I am so paranoid that the saponification process won't be 100% complete without a full, hot gel. My sister is a chemist and when she saw how I made soap, (I didn't gel then to protect my FO's and oil qualities...) she told me that heat is required for a proper chemical reaction...

Hence my quote...To gel or not to gel....

Have you tested the pH against regular CP? I still want to give RTCP a try... Thanks for the basic instructions!
While I didn't see an actual gel like I do with my CP soap, i do suspect that it went on under the top layer. Just because of a slight discoloring.

But my mold was a box.... LOL a cut priority box the that measured 3" by 12" and the sides did get warm, so I could feel the reaction taking place. Where everything started out at room temp so the heat could only come from the reaction.

But it looks great so far........

I'll take some pictures and I'll be right back in a few minutes and I'll post them to this thread.......
I suppose it really wouldn't have to go through a gelly like gel... The chemical reaction generally will only cause a 10 degree increase (I read that somewhere....)... So it makes sense that it would be a 'milder gel'

I made some CP today with a couple new molds my hubby made and I didn't have lids... in an effort to avoid soda ash, I covered with cling wrap touching the top layer of the soap, and covered with a towel...and HOLY COW!! It gelled like CRAZY!

It's been several hours since I made it but this is how it looks now. Nice and creamy white. I made it with heavy whipping cream and aloe juice as the liquids and mango butter as well.

I can't wait to try more batches. I need to be gone tomorrow to take my son to a dr apt in a city a couple hundred miles away so i won't get home till late, but Friday I'll be trying it again...........

I'm no expect so maybe Paul can help us out a bit. But if it turns out like this, i'm hooked. It was so much easier and quicker to make up a batch.
LOL and in a couple of days i'll have to give it a little sample try..........

oh and this batch I scented with peach FO, so it smells sweet....