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Oct 13, 2007
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Panama City, FL
Yes, more newbie questions :)

First and foremost, how do you know how much FO or EO to add to a recipe? When I'm looking at oils online the vendor might suggest 3-5oz to add. But to add to how much? Is there a standard ratio you used? I've searched and not yet found an answer. I do understand there is a difference in FO and EO, and that some EO can be much stronger than others. I just don't know where to start in knowing about how much to add to the soap recipe if it doesn't already tell me.

I will probably start with pre-blended FO and EO also b/c I have no idea how to start blending my own and in what amounts (although will be fun to pursue in due time!)

Any and all help is most appreciated

Thank you

Thanks for replying......just to clarify for my mathmatically challenged brain, you are you saying per pound of finished soap? ie 0.75oz if I am making a 1# batch?
Since I've yet to make my first batch all the numbers are a bit confusing yet.


That is correct.. . I use anywhere from .75oz - 1oz per lb of soap, depending on the fragrance. . .

So for a One lb batch you would use .75oz-1oz
2lbs = 1.5oz-2oz
3lbs = 2.25oz-3oz
and so on
I love FO's! So I always do 1oz per pound of oils, unless its an EO! and I go to .7ozs ppo

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