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Mar 11, 2008
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I am going to try a batch of salt bars this weekend. My question is if you use a pound of salt for every pound of oils does that double the size of the batch? I have a 1lb mold, but if I'm adding a pound of salt should I use my bigger mold? The other question is my other mold is pvc pipe. How hard would it be to get it out. I know salt bars harden fast I just don't want to get it stuck in there now that the mold is seasoned pretty good.

I'll just repeat Paul's advice Sonja. I followed his advice and it worked for me.

Reduce the amount of oils in your batch to 80%, then add to that 80% of the oils weight in salt. The salt added to the oils increases the volume of your pour, so if you make your standard batch size it will overflow your mold. Paul has said his experience is that 80% of the weight of oils in salt is better than using the equal weight that some people strive for. The 80% salting worked well for me.

My experience, and that of others as indicated in their posts, is that salt seems to accelerate the curing quite a bit, and they say that you should unmold and cut as quickly as possible. My experience bears this out. Wait too long and your bars will partly crumble as you try to cut them.

I suspect that using a pipe mold for salt bars is probably not the greatest idea. I advise you should stick to some mold that is more resistant to stuck logs. I use a rectangular mold with removable sides and line it with freezer paper.
Thanks Greg. That is what I thought on the pvc. I'll just use my 1lb mold.

I know it probably says here somewhere but what kind of salt do you use?

Thanks, Laurie
The literature I've read suggests just plain salt or sea salt but only if ground fine sea salt. I use fine ground sea salt. I follow Paul's advice 80 percent of normal batch oil weights, 80 percent of the 80 percent of weight for salts. It worked for me.
Yup, what Greg mentioned. :D I make a lot of salt bars, as they are one of my best selling soaps. I use sea salt, kosher salt, pickling salt, even plain table salt is OK. You can't use Epsom's Salt, which is not really true salt anyways, though.

Paul :wink: