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May 12, 2008
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I got this recipe from "the everything soapmaking book" and was wondering if it is okay to use the RTCP process.
It is for a 1lb. batch as it will be my first, I want to start off small.

2oz. lye
6oz. water
1lb. olive oil.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Also can I add anything to this? If I do then do I need to change the ratio for the above ingredients? I was thinking of adding some color and fragrance.


It works up okay on SoapCalc for 25% lye solution and 8% superfat, not bad values at all, and a good Castile recipe IMO. It would be either a good beginner recipe or a good recipe for more advanced who want to get in touch with the basics. I made a very similar recipe for my 7th-8th batch which interested me in trying more one-oil soaps.

It would produce a very mild and traditional Castile soap. You could expect a fair amount of stirring if you do not own a stick blender. Get the Hamilton Beach at Walmart for $20 if you don't already have a SB. Remember to not run it more than 1 minute in any 4 minutes and to let it rest if it gets warm to the touch.

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