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I want to make shampoo... but a simple one.

Could I make a Shampoo Soap, grate it up, add water and other stuff I want to it and a preserv?

Or do i have to buy a shampoo base? and if I do, who sells the closet natural shampoo base?
I don't know about grating up soap...

a lot of people don't do too well with the shampoo bars because of the pH (I sell both bars and liquid)... I only know of doing liquid using the LS method with KOH. There are a lot of bases out there, although I don't use any of them personally. I don't have experience with it, but you may want to check Essential Wholesale and order their samples.

I dilute castile soap paste (made with KOH) for a liquid soap and then i add the rest of my ingredients and preservative and lower the pH.

Hope that helps!
Ya know Cassidy I had thought about that last nite, and I ordered a few samples from Essential Wholesale...

I dont want to make liquid soap....just dont lol..

SO I will experiment with those when they get here..