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Dec 21, 2022
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I made and oatmeal milk and honey soap with the scent from bramble berry, 5% oat milk added at trace and colloidal oatmeal. I do not see any signs of scorching and the soap smells great, until I get it wet. I used it in the shower the first time after a 4 week cure and it almost seems to give off a sulfur smell and gives an odd bad smell on the skin when using it. Once rinsed off the nice scent of the oatmeal milk and honey is there on the skin and it smells great. Not sure what in the world could be causing the odd smell when the bar gets wet and washing with it. Any ideas? It is the strangest thing. Maybe it did scorch a bit and I don’t realize it? I just figured if it scorched the bar would smell bad initially dry as well. Thanks in advance
I looked that product up, and although there isn’t any added sugar, apparently, when they hydrolyze the oats, it breaks down the starch and forms some sugar. I guess you’d be safe to freeze it or you could do the split method and add it to your oils before your lye. @KiwiMoose makes her own oat milk, so she may be able to chime in and help. Give it a try!
You rang?

Yes I always make my own because the commercially made oat milks contain an awful lotta stuff besides oats and water.
Here's the recipe I use ( make heaps and freeze it into smaller portions so you can use it in future batches): How to Make Oat Milk
Funny you should mention it right now - i just soaked some oats overnight and will be making the milk today. Don't throw away the oats! Cook them up and eat them - they are delicious.