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Aug 1, 2016
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I know there are variations but whats kinda the standard amount of fragrance oil for say a 1 lbs batch of CP soap? I have been using 1/2 an oz. per 1 lbs of soap and have been having good success. A couple are strong and a couple others are light. Of course the oil is the biggest factor I would say. A cinnamon is going to have a stronger scent then say a berry. Also, I am using a digital scale to get my weight for the fragrance oil. Is this the correct way or is there a fragrance measuring device I should have? Thanks!
It all depends on the FO. Make sure to check the safe usage rates of each of the oils you use. I usually use 1oz per pound of oils but as the others have said it all depends on the fo
I use between .75- 1.0 oz ppo as well. I mainly use Nature's Garden FO's, and they fill by weight not volume, so I do not weigh those but dump the whole ounce in. Other FO's I weigh.