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Oct 10, 2022
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Hi soapmakers!

I was inspired by @dmcgee5034 who made a post about including a little QR code/ link card with your soap to get some user feedback; as a beginner soapmaker and scientist, I'm really looking forward to receiving and analyzing the responses!

I also liked this approach because several friends and family are excited to try my soaps - strategically done their cure in time for Christmas gifts! - and provide feedback. This short survey should be easier than following up with each recipient and asking the same questions, and it doesn't get awkward for people who don't want to do a survey, don't end up using their soap, need more time to product test, etc. :) It's also great that I'll be able to change the survey to get different data points!

LM Soaps Survey


Hoping to get some feedback on the questions I put in - are there any you would amend or add, bearing in mind I want to try to keep it short and simple? Thanks!

  1. Which soap did you receive? If you received more than one, please complete one survey per soap type if you wish! (radio buttons)
  2. How did you find the lather of your soap? (scale from 1-5, not bubbly to very bubbly)
  3. How did you find the moisturizing level of your soap? (scale from 1-5, desert dry to silky smooth)
  4. How did you find the scent level of your soap?(scale from 1-5, can't smell a thing to way too strong)
  5. How did you find the durability of your soap? (scale from 1-5, melting into puddle to aged cheddar 🧀)
  6. (Please check all that apply) I would buy this soap for: (check boxes, Myself, Others (e.g., as a gift), I would not purchase this soap, Other)
  7. Any other comments you'd like to share? (Long Answer)
Sep 14, 2022
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Northern CA
Love it, @meepocow! I hope it works well for you. Your soaps are so lovely, I bet your friends and family are excited for them.
I’ve gotten great honest feedback that has helped me confirm some of my choices and make some adjustments. The questions I asked besides the ones you listed were about design and size of bar. Size of bar was a fun reply option - think Goldilocks… choices were…. this bar is too big, this bar is too small, and this bar is just right 😂🤣😂
My last question is to get contact info and promote survey completion with the promise of a raffle for a next bar. 🌸

Nov 16, 2018
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Hamilton, New Zealand
A point to note regarding scent. I have noticed that some people have a 'nose' for certain scents but not for others. An example is my white tea FO which I LOVE and use in blends. My sister said she could not smell anything, and yet i could smell it quite strongly. I've had that at markets too - where some people say they can't smell a soap, but others can. Some people seem more attuned to certain fragrances than others.