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Sep 19, 2011
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Southern California
I am just curious how many people that make lotions actually send out for challenge testing? I am curious because, since I am at the parents, I have been looking at sellers websites to see how their lotions are made. I have found many using proteins, aloe, oatmeal, starches, etc using Optiphen, Germall and very few using paraben based presveratives. My experience has proven to me that no 1 preservative does a good job other than paraben based. I do know starches, and proteins are troublemakers in water based lotions.

I just hope anyone using these products in their lotions send out to a lab for challenge testing. My guess is most do not but think if it looks and smells good it is good. I know the self test kits are not completely accurate, but I can say for sure any lotions I have tried with proteins and starches have molded. I test with the kits, using the incubator for the tubes before I send any out to lab. One even with my dual preservation system is still giving me fits. Also keep in mind insurance Does Not insure against Mold.


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Apr 5, 2017
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Fort Mill, South Carolina
I have used proteins, hydrosols (preserved), and aloe liquid (preserved) in a lotion before. I tested a bit with a home test after 6 months, and I had no growth. But, like you said, I know the home tests aren't 100 % accurate. I plan do to challenge testing if I ever sell.


Forgive me for pulling up a post that is almost a month old - slow day at work so I'm catching up on my unread posts list. I don't make lotions on a regular basis, but I would like to start. I've been holding off on it because I am not confident about preserving. Where would one send lotions for challenge testing?

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