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Jan 4, 2008
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Midwest, USA
I LOVE the FO Orange Spice (a Cybilla fo purchased from brambleberry). But it burns my skin in no matter what application I use in in, due to the cinnimon. I just tried mixing it with a very sweet vanilla (1pt OS and 1pt Van)
It made a creamy buttery orange spice scent that is to die for ( and no burning!)

Ok so, first question: Any name ideas for this scent??

And number two: I'd like to try another brand of Orange Spice. where to YOU get your Orange Spice scent and how well does it work for ya?

Thank you!!
Are you going to sell the soap or even give it away? If so, that is a law suit waiting to happen. I am sure there are peole out there with far more sensitive skin than you have. I burned a few people w/ cinnamon in the beging & have sworn it off for good! It's just not worth the risk.
Oh no! I'd never sell a soap I have EVER had a probelm with! Yikes! I have multiple skin conditions and started making soap simply so I could shower without being in pain! Every type of commercial sensitive skin care soap sold in stores burns me. (thats another reason why I only use the more expensive oils in my soap, I sell simply to even out my costs for a product I have to have, I don't make profit...)

But yeah, when I blended the two FOs together, it worked wonderfully... for a 40 ounce batch I only use 0.6 oz of Orange Spice and about 0.8oz of Vanilla. Thats still barely over an ounce of FO for a little over TWO pounds of soap...I've heard of some people using an entire ounce per pound!!
MY poor husband gets burned by cinnamon. It leaves him red like a sun burn :( .