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Mar 17, 2008
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:D Hi

Can someone please help me out - (making 100 % shea butter in tins)

I have started working with Shea Butter - but the batch I have just made went all wavy in the containers when left to go solid (instead of being smooth) - I did not have this problem the last time I did this - what am I doing wrong - has anyone else ever had this problem?

What are you doing to the shea before you place it in the cntainer? Melting it? Holding it at a temp for X amount of time? Adding fragrance? Whipping it? Did you use the same supplier both times for the shea? Give us a little more info & we'll try to figure it out.

My gut reaction is that the shea was grainy & needed to be held at a medium-high temp for 20 minutes before pouring in to containers.

When you say wavy, do you mean grainy?

Thanks for your quick reply -

I always use the same supplier - I heat the shea butter to 70 deg. and hold it at that for 25mins (as usual) - the shea butter is not grainy - very nice to the touch but the top has a ripple unsmooth appearance not nice and smooth as usual.


problems with shea butter


forgot to say that I did not whip the liquid - just poured into tins when cooled down some. - (I do a whipped shea butter as a different product)

I get smooth shea butter by sticking it in the freezer and not moving it at all. If its not smooth on top this can be the reason just guessing i'm not an expert. Then again I also add liquid to my shea so not sure if thats the reason why.
problems with shea butter

Thanks for your help - will try the freezer and see what happens - I have tried setting it in a very cold pantry overnight but so far still the same result a ripple effect on top - does not spoil the shea butter in any way except the appearance.

Thanks again

I've never had an issue like this really, but have read where others have. I think the grainy feel that some others get is because they don't temper their shea. Tempering, like you do chocolate, is really necessary for creamy shea.

Shea Butter

Hi Paul

Thanks for your input sorry it has taken me so long to reply( I have been away for a few days) my shea abutter is not grainy just not smooth looking on top - I do temper the shea butter as part of my process

Thanks again


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