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Jan 31, 2008
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Hi everyone! I have been making bath and body for about 3 years now and am in the final stages of getting funded to open a store. The only thing I need to finish up is my financial projections, and thats where I am stuck. I've been selling at flea markets and craft shows and the like, where prices are always on the low side.... I need an idea of what kind of rates you would feel are fair for the following in a major metro-area....

Kids Honey Soap-Average Size is 3oz
Oatmeal Soap-Average Size is 4oz
Shaving Soap-Average Size is 5oz
Shea Butter Soap-Average Size is 4oz
Shower Gel-Size is 11oz
Bath Bombs-4oz
Bath Melts-2oz
Bath Salts- 4oz and 8oz sizes
Flavored lip gloss

I also have a mineral cosmetics line as well as candles and gel incense, but those I have a pretty good idea of what I would charge in a retail environment.

May not sound like much of a selection for a store, but my kids soaps come in 10 different scents and my other soaps come in 25 different scents. If walking into my store is anything like walking into my home... its scent heaven!! :)

Thanks for any suggestions you may have
Standard markup for bath/body/soap is the cost of your material + overhead + labor x 4. Some charge more, some charge less but that is the going markup for retail in the US.

That is whaere I would start.

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