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Mar 9, 2017
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SE Denver CO
In the mold.JPG

In the Mold
Out of the mold.JPG

Out of the Mold
Holy Soap.JPG

Holey Soap! :eek:
Ready for Grating.JPG

Cut Easily. Ready for grating up for rebatch tomorrow. ;)
I’ve been planning this soap for some time. I made it for my little friend, Elle. She’s a sweetie and her favorite color is bright pink.

This was the first time I added sugar to a batch. It accelerated so fast after reaching emulsion that I was stunned! Ended up doing the plop & glop. I was totally unable to get the soap to pound down. Ended up with holey soap. The good news is I will be rebatching a "No Slime Castile" tomorrow and hoping I don't lose the color or too much fragrance... at least that part came out as planned.:D

Recipe: Zany's No Slime Castile, CP, 60 oz. Oils (2 Loaf Molds) 85% olive oil, 10% coconut oil, 5% castor oil
2 tablespoons sugar added to lye solution

Colorant: WSP’s Neon Pink Lemonade Powder (2.5 grams in 60 oz oils. Perfect!)
Fragrance: WSP’s PINK EO/FO blend (3.6 oz. 6% recommended by WSP fragrance calc. Perfect!)

ETA: Plop & Glop - dumb me... totally forgot my own advice about "soap on a stick"... shoulda walked away for 5 minutes. Hopefully, when I returned, it would have been going through gel phase and easy to stir up and pour. Sigh. It's been a while since I've made soap. Think I'm out of practice! :p
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--now wait a minute, are you saying you are going to rebatch the pink??
Yes, m'am. Pretty in Pink is a No Slime Castile recipe. :)

Pretty in Pink No Slime Castile Recipe with Notes


Stainless Steel Pot, Presto Salad Shooter For Grating, Cut Soap
Pink Rebatch.JPG

82 ounces of shreds - full to the top
82 oz shreads.JPG

Pre-heat oven to 250°F (121°C). Timer set for 1 hour.
Oven temp.JPG

Cover and stick SS pot into the Oven
In the oven.JPG

Almost molten. Ready to mold up.

Cut Bars
Cut Bars.JPG

NOTES: Batch reached emulsion in 2 minutes and then accelerated! Had to glop & plop into molds. Cut and rebatched 2 days later with 82 oz shreds + 8 oz. water.

250°F oven for 1 hour. Barely melted at all. Added 4 oz water and went 1 more hour. Had turned off oven by mistake! :rolleyes: So, I added 4 more oz. water and heated for 1 more hour. Molten. Poured like HP soap, i.e., not smooth.

Made 12 bars, 5.25 oz - 6.70 oz.
4 mini bars, 1.3 - 1.75 oz.
6 rounds, 1 oz - 1.25 oz.
I used the Oven Rebatch method posted here:

After the first hour, only the bottom 1" had melted -- which I rather expected because of the water discount in the formula. The above linked method suggests using milk to rebatch an all-vegetable batch. I chose NOT to do that because I didn't want to risk the pretty pink color turning some shade of tan or brown. So I used distilled water instead. I calculated the amount of water to use by figuring the amount of water needed for a "full water" formula (38%) and deducted the amount actually used (Ratio of water to lye: 1.7:1) to come up with the extra 8 oz. water.

I am happy with the result. The batch kept it's pretty pink color and the fragrance is still there, although not as strong as when it was first made. It is the only fragrance I've ever tried that I could actually smell from the second floor as I came down the stairs the next morning. Lovely light feminine scent... similar to peonies


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It does look pretty! Do you ever stick-blend your rebatches? I do, because I prefer the less chunky look and better pourability. Yours doesn't look chunky to me, but you mentioned that it wasn't smooth when you poured it.
Hi @AliOop!
Rebatches never are as smooth as a regular CP pour for me. The rebatch texture reminds me of HP, kinda motled, for lack of a better word.
Nah, I don't stickblend. With a normal 60 oz CP batch, I just leave it untouched for an hour and when I take the lid off, it's molten. Just give it a quick stir with a spoon and pour. Sometimes I add an ounce of sunflower for a smoother pour and/or fragrance if I think it needs it.
I never thought of doing the oven for rebatch rather than the crockpot, so thanks for that idea. Crockpots are so unwieldy, so I usually cook my HP on the stove in a stainless pot. But I used the crock for rebatch because I don't want to babysit it while it's melting. The oven is the perfect answer!

I do like my rebatches a bit smoother, so I add ACV, milk, water - whatever it takes to get it to where I can stickblend it just a bit. Not a lot, but a bit. And you are right- it's never going to look like CP. But at least a little smoother is my preference when I can make that happen.