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Oct 12, 2015
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Yet to make my first soap, this will probably take place mid November when we have returned from holiday.

In the meantime, (inspired by books) I really fancy trying crystal clear soap with embedded flowers. Found a possible base. Sellers blurb says:
Crystal Clear Soap Base is a vegetable based melt and pour soap base that offers great clarity and lots of bubbles.

  • superb clarity making it an ideal soap base for using embeds or where transparency is important to you

  • high glycerine content giving great moisturising and a nice feel on the skin
What set me off was seeing these moulds on ebay

My question is, what sort of colourant should be used? Do you colour the the same melt that you use to make the soap? Should you use a different type of soap for the moulds. Assuming that some of the moulds will take more than one colour, so will need to be done in stages, can you give some advice please?
Those silicone molds look like they would be fine for M&P. You might want to follow the M&P mantra (spritz everything with alcohol) to make sure the pour can get into all the small details of the mold. For coloring, you have lots of options... I like micas since they come in a rainbow of colors and produce fantastic results in M&P. Lab colors also work well.

When doing multiple color pours for M&P: make sure your first layer is set-up, spritz with alcohol so the layers adhere, and make sure your second pour isn't so hot it will melt the first pour.
Thanks for the advice. The moulds are supposed to be tiny, so the microscope is going to come in handy! More reading to do, thanks.

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