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Is it a combination with other ingredients or just whipped hydrogenated soy?

it depends on the ingredients:

if it is crisco, or a all veggie store brand, i use the sap for crisco that is listed on the soap calc. these are mostly soy with cottonseed. the sap value is .137

if it comes from columbus foods and is 100% hydrogenate soy use the hydrogenated soybean or the soybean oil. the sap is is the same at .136

they are so close it really doesn't make a difference.

now if you use a store brand meat shortening such as great value from walmart it is 96% meat fats ( mostly lard ) and 4 % soybean. if i should use i use the lard sap.

store brand shortenings differ in brands and regions of the country, some may contain palm oils.

if you really want to be specific, call the 1-800 number on the can and ask for customer service and have them hook you up with the chemist, just explain that your're a soaper and would like to know the percentages of each ingredient in that product. i did this with the walmart brand and the guy i talked to was as if not more interested in the soap and soap making then i was in the ingredient percentages, he talked my ear off.