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Aug 5, 2014
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I'm wondering if anyone uses ziplock bags or something like a pastry bag (what they use for squeezing icing onto baked goods) to pour the "batter" into the moulds. I would think this would work well for tube/pipe moulds but also for loaf moulds if working with diff colors. To fill tube moulds I use milk jugs with the bottom cut off but this can be a real PITA and it can be slow.

For those who don't know how to use a ziplock for this, filling the bag and cutting a lower corner works but can be messy.

I was thinking of using some vacuum food saver type bags (comes in rolls) and angling the cut off corner to more of a funnel. could take a piece that is 8" wide and say 24" long, cut diagonally from 8" (on top side) to 16" on bottom and then seal that cut on both pieces (cut pour hole to size). This gives 2 identical bags.

I haven't done this but I would think this would be a pain to clean so I'm asking if anyone has any alternatives that work well for this.


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Apr 2, 2012
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I use pastry bags (plastic) to pipe CP frosting on top of my CP Cupcakes. I like the 16" but can work with the 14". Works like a charm. I've only had 2 incidents where it didn't work well and that was because the batter gelled in the bag and it was so hot I just poured it into a mold.


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Feb 11, 2008
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Right here, silly!
When I do a peacock swirl with several different colors in my slab, I use Ziploc baggies to dispense the batter into the mold (one color per baggie). It works great and leaves no leftovers- every last bit of batter gets squeezed out of each baggie into my mold. I just snip off a corner of the baggie and alternatively pipe each color in. The size of my Ziploc depends on the size of batter, course. My usual batch size for when I make peacock swirls is 2.7lbs, and for the amount of individual colors I normally use, quart-sized baggies work perfectly for me.

When I use my round tube mold or my rectangular vertical mold, I just pour from my large plastic measuring cups that have spouts (I have gobs of them). They work great for me.

IrishLass :)

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