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Jun 5, 2008
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Sebring, Florida
In the middle of all the posts about positive things, I hate to be such a wet blanket, but has anyone read about the possible new FDA regs up before congress??

One very unsettling part of this nonsense is that EVERY cosmetic biz, no matter what the size will have to pay a yearly registration fee to the feds of $2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

If anyone has heard ANYTHING about this threat to small biz, please post a reply and let us all know what is happening if at all possible.

thank you SO much,

Della :(
evidently false alarm

Well everyone, seems like I am doing a rather convincing (or maybe not) impression of chicken little.............. :oops:

I spoke to one of the high mucky mucks at WSP and she spoke to the owner, and then called me back to reasure me that this kind of thng comes up every now and then, and even if it did pass, it wouldn't affect the small cottage biz like most of us.

WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p WHAT A RELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I appologize for being an alarmist :oops:

Della :)

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