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Jan 3, 2016
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I plan on making a "poo spray" (like this stuff) as gag gifts this year. For those who haven't seen it, it uses the "oil floats on water" idea to block some of the stronger smells in the bathroom.

I've made a prototype for myself using water, isopropyl alcohol, canola oil, food coloring (to tell when you have enough coverage) and cinnamon oil in a cheap 8oz sprayer bottlethat has an adjustable sprayer. I also added germaben as a just in case. In the recipes I've researched some people say to use vodka (and mention that as a preservative), one site says to use glycerin, as an emulsifier. It works, as far as I can tell, the issue I'm having is best described as splotchy coverage. Unless I use 15+ sprays it doesn't look like there is even coverage over the bowl and the colorant spreads to the sides. My guess is that the sprayer doesn't have a full coverage spray.

The math I'm asking about is for the alternate bottles I want to use. I ordered some bottles with a dropper top that I hope will have more even coverage. For labeling instructions I'm trying to figure out an estimate of how many drops/sprays to use. I plan on using a basic area of a circle but don't know how much coverage a single drop will spread or how thick the layer of oil needs to be.

I just check my order status and it won't be delivered until a few days before I leave to visit family. I definitely will not have testing time before I need to make labels and have everything done. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do the math? Or a basic formula for how far a drop of oil spreads?
i myself am a personal user of the "Poo" [ even though there are draw backs ] and find it to be a great product . i do not think that the math is so much the problem as is the what type of essential oils to use for IMHO that is what dictates everything else. the key i find is the scent of the essential oil , they tend to be pronounced to "surpress or arrest " the offending scent . the other factor will be the spray array itself , which is more of a "mist" that is evenly distributed on the waters surface. i do not know the size bottles you plan to use , but lets say its the same size as a "Poo" bottle then i would try say 10 drops of lemongrass and 15-20 drops of cedar-wood or some type of pine scented essential oil , of which to that i would add a tablespoon of glycerin , 1/2 teaspoon of sweet almond oil { because its a thin carrier oil } , and the rest i would fill with vodka to breakdown the essential oil and carrier oil ......which would produce a film on the surface of the water . but all in all trial and error will lead you to an acceptable finish product
i would add : that that product is no different than a linen spray or body spray ..... all of which are made the same way , its just that you want a oily scent film to float on the surface
I have not used "Poopourri" but knowing what I do of oil-water mixtures, I know an oil will never float evenly on top of water because of surface tension and all that stuff. Small amounts of an oil on water will always form droplets until there is so much oil that it can form a complete sheet.

The oil droplets will also tend to migrate and collect around the edges of the toilet bowl since oil is able to "wet" porcelain. If the toilet bowl was oil-repelling plastic, you'd see less of this tendency.

I might be barking up the wrong tree, but if I were to make a product like that, I'd make a strongly scented spray exactly like a linen spray but with more fragrance. I would formulate it to contain at least 20% pure alcohol to act as the preservative. I'd solubilize the EOs with polysorbate 80 (or PS 20 if you have good luck with it; I don't) so the mixture forms a clear, uniform solution.

A thorough, even spray of this mixture, even though it's basically water soluble, will not mix instantly into the water in the toilet bowl. It will also form a film on the porcelain which will also help. The scent mixture will tend to remain on the surface of the water, at least for the short time needed to do one's business.

Glycerin might thicken the mixture and thus reduce how fast the spray mixes with the toilet bowl water, but I suspect it's not strictly necessary.
I've been making my own 'Poo' spray for a couple of years now. I call it my "Poo Poo no Peew" spray. :lol: For what its worth, I make mine in 2oz amber glass spray bottles, and have found that lemony scents, camphor-y scents and/or minty scents work really well (much better than other scents, such as rose or vanilla scents, for example).

Here are the ratios I use for my 2-oz sprayers: 3mL of EO or FO; 5ml of either glycerin or fractionated coconut oil, and then I top it all off with vodka. I don't add any polysorbates to mine, but maybe I shall start doing that. We just give the spray bottle a good shake before spraying. Five sprays seem to do the job for us.

For what its worth, just using plain drops of EO or FO works, too. I have a 1oz dropper bottle of eucalyptus EO I keep on hand for those in-between times that we've run out of my 'Poo' spray and I haven't gotten around replenishing them yet. That works quite well, too. Three to 5 drops seems to do the trick for us.

IrishLass :)
If you don't mind shaking it up right before you spray, I agree with IL that you don't even need the polysorbate. If you give this as a gift, the polysorbate would make the mixture as simple for people to use as possible, but it's for sure not a necessity.
That's what I wanted to call it! I was also thinking "girls don't fart" and "I smell like sunshine and rainbows" for alternate scents (I was figuring sunflower FO as sunshine not sure on the other one)

Thanks all. I'm thinking a bottle of cheap vodka is on my shopping list for the next batch. The canola oil I have been using does seem to work (as a cheaper option than fractionated coconut). I guess I'll experiment with the bottle I have when it gets used up.
I gave little bottles of 'poo pouri' to the girls in their Christmas stockings a couple of years ago. The product does seem to work. So, I later researched a DIY version and filed it away in my notes. This thread reminded me about that. The recipe I found was just like IrishLass' - 3 ml EO, 5 ml glycerin in a 2 oz bottle and top off with vodka. I have everything here. Might just have to mix up some for the stockings this year. Thanks for the reminder!
From left to right:
Sunflower fo with glittery mica
Applejack fo with red food coloring
Candy cane fo with blue food coloring
Cinnamon stick and maple fo's with green food coloring
Blooms and berries fo with "dusty rose" food color blend

Any suggestions for the last two names? The best I've got is "DooDoo Drops" but it doesn't seem right.

I made this for my friends as a joke X-Mas present. I have been informed the clinical trials are a success!
My mom took a bottle to work to attemp to help with scents around her testing/lab area (she's a nurse at an allergist's office). I got similar reports of success today including a story about rushing to move the bottle to the other bathroom before a patient's father arrived.

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