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Feb 11, 2008
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Hi all,

I tried to make a pomegranate soap. At my first try I used 100 % pomegranate juice from the grocery store as my liquids. As soon as I added the Lye the juice turned green then orange and created a vulcano. So I started over again and this time used only 100 ml water and dissolved the Lye. The rest of the liquid was the juice which I added together with my oils. As the lye cooled it became kind of a gel, but became liquid again as I added some juice. So, I mixed the oils and lye and added the juice, but same thing the juice first turned green and then orange. Well, I added my midnight pomegranate FO and sweet orange EO anyway and hoped for the best. The soap heated up like crazy in the mold and became a boring tan color. I had envisioned a beautiful, lovely smelling dark red soap.

Here is my question: Has anybody used pomegranate juice in soap before and how did it turn out? Maybe there is a trick to it?????????

Can I rebatch? I probably would use it for myself. The soap itself seems to be fine. It's just the color and maybe the smell that isn't to great.
I think if you wanted to get the true benefits of it maybe you could rebatch and add a little more pomegranite juice?? Im still learning the rebatch...but it might turn out redder, other than that you could try some natural colorants that will last through the lye process ?
The juice will turn brown. Most juices, veggies etc.. do not keep their colors..You will have to add color to it yourself

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