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black squirrel

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Sep 4, 2007
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My first couple batches of soap have been curing for three weeks and they are still a little soft. It feels like if you hit them with a meat tenderizer they would smush flat rather than dent. Strange visual but I don't quite know how to describe it. The 2mm thick edges I cut off and left to dry are quite pliable and I can almost bend them to 90 degrees, so I know its not just because the bars are thick. The recipe I used had 10% safflower oil. Should I try reducing this amount or do you think they will harden up with a few more weeks of curing?
I didn't superfat in the sense of adding extra oils at trace but I discounted the lye at 5%. Sorry. Maybe I'll try lowering the canola and safflower and upping the palm and coconut. The little pieces lather well and feel nice, they're just the consistency of thick fruit leather. I really appreciate the help!
You have any Palm Kernel? Up the palm.. I havent been that high on my coconut, and I think you should keep one or the other (canola I would say) and get rid of the other.. replace it with palm.. or you can half it with the coconut and palm..

make sure you run it back through the soap calculator again..
black squirrel said:
So up the palm oil, lower or get rid of the safflower, and reduce the amount of water?

Up the palm to where you replaced the safflower oil, and reduce the water.
Run it through your soap calculator to confirm everything.