Please tell me I did't ruin this batch of soap.

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Oct 18, 2007
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Talladega, Alabama
I made a gorgeous 4lb batch of light green Apple Jack and Peel soap (my 3rd batch of soap) It was my first time using a stick blender. I was so exited at how great it worked and how fast it traced that I dumped my soap into the mold admiring how great it looked of course. When I turned to sit my soap pot back on the counter what do you think I saw? 3 oz. of scent sitting in my cup. I panicked and tried to pour it into my mold and work it in with my silicone spatula (it was pretty thick at this point and my stick blender wouldnt reach) Anyway, the scent actually made a pretty nice light yellow swirl in my green soap. I am worried though that all my soap wont be well scented or that the scent will just pool up on the soap. Anyone ever have anything like this happen? Between scent and oils I have about 12$ invested in this batch, I would hate to see it go bad. Especially since it is soooo pretty (smells nice to!).
You can do a rebatch to get all the fo correctly incorporated into the mix. If not, I would either toss it or just use it for personal use. But a rebatch stands a good chance of saving it. :wink:
Sounds like a great candidate for a rebatch. CP, can you recommend a website with good rebatching instructions?

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