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Wow, very nice looking soaps. In the pic of the 4 square bars, what is the green speckled one in the upper right corner? How did you color and scent it? It looks really nice.
That is my Bald and Beautiful Bar! I made it for my husband at first. I made a recipe of olive oil, cator oil, shea butter, vegetable oil and added stinging nettle leaves. I added tea tree and ylang yland essential oils. It smell good and I ground down the nettle leaves so that they don't make a mess in the hair.

No kidding my husband has actually grown new hair and it is fuller looking. I've sold it to my father in law's entire staff at work.

Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate it!
Sounds like a wonderful soap. Like to hear how you in-law's staff likes, after they've used it for awhile. Thanks for sharing.
I need to get my hubby a hair-loss soap, he is getting concerned... :lol:
A neighbor told him that milk can lead to hairloss so he promptly bought soy milk instead!
very good job. Your soap looks soooo very nice. Is the one a chocolate?
How did it work out for you?
good job on the photos also
Neil thank you!!

The dark soap is actually a pumpkin bar recipe posted on this site. It was a beautiful umber color for the first 3 days then, it became dark chocolate. It smells soooo good and is very creamy!

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