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goat soap rulz!

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Jun 30, 2020
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Helllooo!! I have been making goats milk soap for a few years now, and I decided to order some colorants and step up my game. I'm waiting for them to come in still, but they should be here this week!

Anyways, I decided that I also want to pipe the tops of my soaps like Katie Carson on royalty soaps does! I'm kinda tired of making boring, off white, uncolored, rectangle soaps, so this is my attempt at spicing it up a bit!

So I was wondering if I could use my normal recipe and just let it set in my piping bag to set up for a bit or if I would need to have a completely different recipe?
My recipe is 38% olive oil, 32% lard, and 30% coconut oil. And instead of the water/lye, I do goats milk/lye which is 32% lye and 68% milk. I have PLENTY of milk. I get a quart 2x daily, and I'm about to start milking another doe at the end of the month, so I'm kinda trying to find ways to get rid of some of the milk LOL!!

I have NEVER piped my soap before, but I figure it can't be too hard? Just wait for the soap to set up to a frosting-like thickness and begin piping? I plan on getting some frosting from the store to practice with today so I will be ready! I have piped cakes before, but I am not great at it!

Anyways, Thank yall! You guys are awesome!
Do your soaps smell like ammonia if you don't scent them?
I wouldn't know LOL! I've never not scented them! BUt in the first few hours, it smells of ammonia, even if I have fragrance!

A soapers worst nightmare! I received my micas! Yaaaayyyy! But I went to measure my lye to make sure I had enough, but alas, I am 4 oz short :(
My lye isn't coming until Friday, but I want to make soap! Can I get lye from ace hardware? What brand? What do I look for? Ive never bought lye from there

Also, I am pretty addicted to making soap LOL! Thats why I literally CANT wait until Friday to make soap! LOL!!! Ohhhh its so hard LOL!