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May 29, 2008
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I tried to make a new batch of pine tar soap.I used 800 grams of olive oil,200 grams of Corn Oil(not refined).And 200 grams of pine tar.And %40 water&lye solution.The pine tar was in liquid form.I poured it into the mould.The mould was a pvc pipe that is 35-40 centimeters.However even though I waited for 48 hours,the batch was in the liquid form and I had to throw it away:(What was the matter with that?Is it the mould that caused that?Because the soap near the bottom of the mould was ok.Hard and just like real soap.Or should I have used less water?by the way the temps was a bit 40 celcius.Can anyone help with that matter?Or any other recipe?Please help...
thanks a lot...
Your mould will not affect your soap in that way. Was this a recipe you have previously used with good results or one you have made yourself ?

You can make pine tar soap from any soap recipe. I think you were a bit hasty in throwing it away as it could have been saved.

Tell us if you have used the base recipe before and we may be able to progress from that
Pine tar, normally when added to the batter, will cause fast acceleration. You need to get the soap in the mold fast after incorporating the pine tar. You did whisk the pine tar into the batter, right?

Paul :wink:
well,it was my first time I had done pine tar soap.And the recipe is as above.I do not know what was wrong.I think I will try it again...

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