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I like doing that with soap as I do not like rebatching. I made a soap that didnt have a good lather and overall I wasn't happy with it but it was loaded with butters. So I used my salad shooter and it shredded it into curls. I made a good base recipe I use and added the shreds. It made an awesome soap!
I really should try this. I like PT soap ok but the scent is almost too much and it doesn't lather great.
I think hubby would like it better too if it was, for lack of a better term, diluted down.
How did this work out for you? I'm about to do the same thing. :)

Did you make your soap? I did a test batch today and surprisingly, it looks pretty good.
My PT soap was only 10% pine tar and was a couple years old so it wasn't exactly soft but it did tend to get softer than I like with use.


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Wow wow wow. Really wow. This is really unique. Do I see pale green and pale purple in the background? How the heck did you do this?!

Thank you, yes, there is a little lavender and green.
I made my base soap, added some TD and the scent blend. Brought to emulsion, separated some batter for coloring.

By the time I mixed in the mica, everything had accelerated so I quickly mixed in the PT shreds. I tried to do a itp swirl but it was too thick, so I just glopped the colors together best I could and stuffed it into a mold.

I'm really surprised there isn't a bunch of air pockets, between how thick it was and adding too many shreds, it was a bit difficult to work with.
Happy with the results, just wish there was a little more color.
Base recipe was made with 15oz of oil, added 6.5 oz of shreds.
It slays me how many times something goes sideways when I'm getting the soap in the mold and I think it's gonna be a disaster ... but the soap still looks great when cut. Sounds like you might have felt the same with this batch, @Obsidian

Well done -- it looks really good. I like the happy little curls you made from the PT soap.

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